NORTH Wins the Grand Prix Award of Mediteran Film Festival

North was screened at the festivals held in the different cities of Europe within August 2016 such as World Cinema Amsterdam from the Netherlands, Mediterranean Film Festival from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Zakopane Mountain Film Festival from Poland. After these screenings, North has been the winner of 17th Mediterranean Film Festival and it won the Grand Prix Award.

Members of the jury for competition Nikica Gilić, Gaby Babić and Christoph Thoke explained the reason that North is selected as the winner:
"Women and men in front of the camera are talking about their struggle, demonstrate a fascinating way of life and intriguing thinking and are becoming a part of a complex structure that can inspire new opinions and discussions wider than the subject of this film is. Depiction of political, military and cultural tendencies in Turkey, i.e. fights and views of the world of Kurd soldiers leave the impression on the viewers of a rich and inspiring world hidden from the world public, and at the same time asking some questions. These are not only the questions that the protagonists and authors of the film ask themselves, but also unexpected questions about the current world, social relations and life in the Mediterranean region. This is a very important and strong film, and we hope of a great influence."