Çayan Demirel Director, Producer

Çayan Demirel was born in Istanbul in 1977. After he graduated from the faculty of economics, he started working on documentaries with oral history projects. In 2006 he completed his first documentary 38 about Dersim Massacre and then he founded Surela Film Production in 2009. Prison Number 5: 1980-84 directed by Demirel in 2009 won Best Documentary Award from various festivals. After that, he directed the documentary Dr. Şivan telling Sait Kırmızıtoprak who was the MD and also one of the leader of Kurdish movement. And in 2015 he directed Bakur together with Ertuğrul Mavioğlu.

Koray Kesik Director of Photography

Koray Kesik started his journey of the cinema as a cameraman assistant at VTR in 1994 and Last Hands by Bahroye Kabadayı and Mustafa Varlık has been the first film that he worked as the director of photography. He completed several documentaries such as 38, Prison Number 5: 1980-84, Dr. Şivan, Yıldız Alpar and Bakur under the roof of Surela Film Production and on the other hand he worked on dozens of films produced in Turkey as the director of photography like Uncle İlhan, Thinking of Ege, Dreams of the Republic, Revolutionary Youth Bridge. 

Ayşe Çetinbaş Producer

Ayşe Çetinbaş is a producer and director. She graduated from the Economics Faculty of Istanbul University and has worked as a production assistant and a producer in various domestic and foreign documentary projects. She was the producer of the documentary “Prison Nr.5: 1980-84” which received the Antalya Golden Orange Best Documentary Award in 2009, the Best Documentary Award of 2009 from SIYAD and Best Documentary award at Ankara Film Festival in 2009. “Yıldız Alpar: From Bedii Raks Till Today”, is the first documentary she directed. Ayşe Çetinbaş produces together with Gökçe İnce independent documentary films at Surela Film Productions.

Gökçe İnce Producer, Editor

Documentary filmmaker and editor Gökçe İnce, graduated from Middle East Technical University’s Chemistry Department. After finishing her MS in the Industrial Design Department of the same university, she received her MA from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Film and Television Department in 2009. She worked on various documentary films including “Muezzin”, where she was the assistant director and editor. “Muezzin” was screened at Karlovy Vary and Sarajevo Film Festivals. She has been working as an editor since 2008, has begun to produce documentaries with Ayşe Çetinbaş.

Melike Ölker Production Assistant

As a production assistant at Surela Film Production Melike Ölker, the student of American Culture and Literature at Istanbul University, was one of the publishers of Deli Kadın Magazine which is a quarterly magazine about feminism, literature, culture and art. She has been working as the guest coordinator at the Istanbul Doc Days and Which Human Rights Film Festival since 2016.