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Nuclear alla Turca (In Development)

  • Director Can Candan
  • Producers Christian Bergmann, Can Candan, Ayşe Çetinbaş
  • Director of Photography Meryem Yavuz
  • Sound Oğuz Kaynak
  • Advisor/Researcher Filiz Yavuz
  • Illustrator Cem Dinlenmiş
  • Asistant Director Selen Çatalyürekli
  • Assistant Producer Arda Çiltepe
  • Scientific Advisor İlke Ercan
  • Archival Research Specialist Saadet Özen

Ever since ‘the clouds of Chernobyl’ passed above us in 1986, political leaders have tried to deceive the public on the risks of radiation by proclaiming that radiation did not have any negative health effects. The amalgamation of the ‘alla turca-ness’ and the absurdity of their statements–such as ‘a little bit of radiation is good for you’, ‘radioactive tea tastes better’, ‘radiation is good for the bones’, ‘the household propane tank in your kitchen is as risky as nuclear,’—along with stories about the nuclear history of Turkey since the 1930s, have given birth to this tragicomical documentary. In Nuclear alla Turca, we will hear these little-known stories from those who have had first-hand experiences, and as well as witnesses, experts, activists, and politicians among others.

Together with  archival materials, animations by Cem Dinlenmiş and Mozart’s ‘Rondo alla Turca’ (a.k.a. ‘Turkish March’),  reportedly inspired by the Janissary marching band, we are envisioning Nuclear alla Turca as a feature-length documentary that will make viewers sometimes think and sometimes laugh, but will finally leave them amazed and horrorified.