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Bakur (North)

  • Directors Çayan Demirel - Ertuğrul Mavioğlu
  • Producer Ayşe Çetinbaş
  • Director of Photography Koray Kesik
  • Editing Burak Dal
  • Sound Ahmet Bawer Aydemir
  • Language Kurdish, Turkish
  • Time 92'
  • Country Turkey - 2015

Bakur (North) is a documentary that invites its audience to reflect on a war that has been continuing for decades and gives an insightful look on its main subject, the PKK. The film follows the lives of the guerilla in three different caamps on the Kurdish region (north) that lies within Turkish borders.
Bakur, which was shot during the summer and autumn of 2013, introduces us to women and men who have decided to join the armed struggle to for ‘a better future for their people.’ Bakur tells the story of how the PKK, a group that has been known as building its struggle mostly on national identity, turned to become a women’s movement. The documentary challenges the audience to develop a different point of view as it sheds light on this mysterious world.
  • Ankara Film Festival, Turkey, May-June 2015 - CANCELLED DUE TO CENSORSHIP IN TURKEY
  • İstanbul Film Festival, Turkey, June 2015 – CANCELLED DUE TO CENSORSHIP IN TURKEY
  • Documentarist Istanbul Doc Days, Turkey, June 2015
  • Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, August-September 2015 – World Premiere
  • 1001 Belgesel Film Festivali, Turkey, October 2015 – THE FESTIVAL WAS DELAYED
  • Türkisches Filmfest Ruhr, Germany, November 2015
  • Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden, November 2015
  • Van Axtamara Film Days, Turkey, November 2015
  • DOK Leipzig, Germany, October-November 2015 – European Premiere
  • Festival de Popoli, Italy, November-December 2015
  • Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles, Belgium, December 2015
  • Babel Film Festival, Italy, December 2015
  • Festival International Signes de Nuit in Berlin, Germany, January 2016 – SIGNS AWARD
  • Copenhagen Kurdish Film Festival, Denmark, February 2016
  • Tüpisch Türkisch Filmtage, Germany, February 2016
  • Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland, April 2016
  • Trento Film Festival, Italy, April-May 2016
  • Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico, May 2016 – GOLDEN PALM AWARD WINNER
  • DocsBarcelona, Spain, May 2016
  • Terror im Blick, Austria, June 2016
  • Festival Solidarity and Cooperative Economy, Greece, June 2016
  • Atlantida Film Festival, Online, July 2016
  • World Cinema Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 2016
  • Douarnenez Film Festival, France, August 2016
  • Mediterranean Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 2016 - GRAND PRIX AWARD
  • Zakopane Mountain Film Festival, Poland, August-September 2016
  • Bansko Film Festival, Bulgaria, November 2016
  • Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, December 2016