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Dr. Şivan

  • Director Çayan Demirel
  • Producer Ayşe Çetinbaş
  • Director of Photography Koray Kesik
  • Sound Ahmet Bawer Aydemir
  • Editing Burak Dal
  • Music Davut Sulari, Sait Bakşi, Güneş Demir
  • Country of the Production Turkey - 2013
  • Original Language Turkish, Kurdish (Zazaki, Kurmanci)
  • Time 108'

Sait Kirmizitoprak, aka Dr. Sivan, comes from one of the families who were murdered in Dersim Massacre in 1938. Dr. Sivan was a succesful doctor, and evolved into a leading figure of the Kurdish Movement in Turkey since his murder in 1971. This documentary follows Dr. Sivan’s life and death while sheds light on the recent Kurdish political history.

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