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Yıldız Alpar: From Bedii Raks Till Today

  • Director Ayşe Çetinbaş
  • Producer Çayan Demirel
  • Director of Photography Koray Kesik
  • Editing Burak Dal
  • Music Güneş Demir
  • Country of the Production Turkey - 2011
  • Original Language Turkish
  • Time 60'

“Yıldız Alpar: From Bedii Raks Till Today” tells the achievement story, which has few examples in the world. Yıldız Alpar who was born in 1931 in İstanbul, went to Piano course in İstanbul Municipal Conservatory in 1943 and met there famous Russian ballet teacher Lidya Krassa Arzumanova. Thus, she started her ballet career, which lasted till today. In 1949 she gained bursary from French Consolate Culture Attache Office and attended Paris Opera and Ballet, then returned to Turkey. At that period there wasn’t anything related to ballet in Turkey so with determination and big efforts she founded “Yıldız Alpar Private Ballet, Music and Theatre School” in 1964 in Kadıköy. Yıldız Alpar continues on giving lessons for 46 years in the same place and she shares with us almost a century she witnessed.

  • 2011 TRT Documentary Awards Finalist
  • 14th Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival
  • 11th Alanya Documentary Film Festival
  • 4th Ege Documentary Film Days