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Prison Nr. 5: 1980-84

  • Director Çayan Demirel
  • Producer Ayşe Çetinbaş
  • Director of Photography Koray Kesik
  • Editing Burak Dal
  • Music Ahmet Tirgil
  • Country of the Production Turkey - 2009
  • Original Language Turkish
  • Time 97'

This is a documentary about Diyarbakir prison where some of the most horrific atrocities of state terror in recent history took place after the military coup of 12th September 1980. The documentary exposes how the use of systematic torture and turkification policies were imposed by the state upon all prisoners of which most of were Kurdish prisoners. While the Turkish military authorities describe the prison as a “military school”, the prisoners describe it as “years of indescribable brutality”. The only way to break the chain of atrocities was to resist and sacrifice yourself. The prisoners took up the challenge to break it and 3 decades later director Çayan Demirel takes up the challenge again to show us what happened.


You can watch 'Prison Nr. 5: 1980-84' online now.

  • 28th İstanbul Film Festival
  • 10th Diyarbakir Culture and Art Festival
  • 2nd Documentarist Film Festival
  • 46th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival – Best Documentary Award
  • 12th Istanbul 1001 Documentary Film Festival
  • 6th London Kurdish Film Festival
  • Film Criticers Assosiation / 2009 Best Documentary Award
  • 21st Ankara Film Festival – Best Documentary Award
  • 21st Munich Turkish Film Days
  • 5th International Labor Film Festival